Edinburgh College of Art

Fulfillment was a collaboration between the ECA's Master's in Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture departments. I was paired with a sculptor and architecture. We conceived of a mass-blindfolding experience that would challenge conventional sensory experience and encourage people to explore their world and form new relationships. To distribute the blindfolds, we got permission from ECA to operate the wine table, which carried the added bonus of paying an hourly wage. We also blindfolded the sculptures to encourage trial, but the resulting effect was a work of art unto itself. Fulfillment was a resounding success. At several points over the course of the exhibit, more than 45 people were counted wearing their blindfolds at the same time. Simply put, the evening was unforgettable.


  • 500 custom-designed blindfolds with "Explore Your World" instruction tag

  • one 10' x 10' space

  • 3 cases of wine