"A triple threat: brilliant, hard-working and kind. He is also generous, crazy-optimistic and charismatic. Artistic, business savvy and loyal. He is the real deal and it was an honor to work with him. 

– Debbie Millman, American Writer, Educator, Artist, Designer, and Host of the Design Observer podcast "Design Matters"

"Mac has the strategic mind to uncover great consumer insights, the creativity to be an accomplished artist and the natural ability to build long lasting relationships. All of these skills combined with Mac's tireless work ethic make him a force in the design world."

– Andrew IgnatowExecutive Vice President of Design and Innovation at Sterling Brands

"A creative force, a dreamer, a whirling dervish of ideas and insight. Mac lives outside the box, gleefully but gently pulling others there with him. And yet, impossibly, Mac understands and acknowledges the realities of business and consumers as well. He is truly an asset to any project, any team, any challenge. Oh... and just a darned fun, sweet and smart guy to work with!" 

– Jenny Burns, Director of Mission & Natural Channel Brand Marketing for Honest Tea