Amplify Akron



Based on Middlebury research, we created a temporary freestanding street art district in the heart of the neighborhood. Residents were invited to "Meet Me in Middlebury" for Amplify Akron, a free collaborative mural painting experience. The themes of each mural were specifically requested by local residents, with a popular call for colorful images of hope, unity, and strong black leaders. We also created a wall of dogs, imagery honoring the neighborhoods legacy in clay production, support for the hearing impaired, and free walls for personal expression.

In 2 months, more than 500 people worked on these murals, creating more than 100,000 impressions as residents and commuters passed by. We were frequently hailed and thanked by people passing by, including dozens who made a point to personally express how deeply some murals resonated with them.

The mural panels are currently in our studio awaiting final refinement before being deployed in the neighborhood.