Our Team


Mac Love

Chief Catalyst

An international artist and design consultant with 25+ years of experience working on the most prestigious brands in the world. And yes, that really is his name.

Contact: mac@artxlove.com


Chris Harvey

Design Manager

Chris is a veteran and graphic designer from West Akron. We're turning him loose and are delighted to see the magic he's sprinkling throughout Akron's neighborhoods.

contact: chris@artxlove.com


Gabrielle Barnes

Intern – Communications Manager

Gaby is a curious and driven professional who is eager to learn, has an eye for detail, and a bit of a perfectionist streak. She is also super super smart, so we love throwing crazy new things her way. She is steadfast and trustworthy.


Allyse Love

Chief Operator

A business expert who excels at connecting people to organizations in meaningful ways. And yes, she was a band leader and synchronized swimmer.

Contact: allyse@artxlove.com


Dee McCall

Research Manager

Dee is a veteran and Cleveland native with a passion for history and insatiable drive to help others. She's East Akron proud and has a heart as good as gold.

Contact: dee@artxlove.com


Patrick Richards

Intern – Photography & Video

Patrick has a great eye for social and environmental nuances. We're trying to place him in as many unique situations as possible so he can develop a portfolio that does justice to his skill and potential. Eager to learn, hungry to succeed. We like that.


Josy Jones

Interactive Manager

A playwright and international relations advocate, Josy specializes in site-specific theatre inspired by local people's stories. And yes, she "feels that."

Contact: josy@artxlove.com


EbaNee Bond


Intern – Engineering Manager

EbaNee is an aspiring/incidental civic leader with an unparalleled passion for problem solving and "humaning" a better world.